Saturday, 23 August 2014

Wai Yu Mun Ching

I fell in love with the food of this place! I had to figure out a way of remembering it's name (to show off and recommend it to all my friends) and thats when I realized the punch: WHY YOU MUNCHING? :D
I have to mention why restaurant information websites can be highly misleading sometimes (specially when you don't read reviews). This restaurant was a quick-pick for a special occasion dinner and I read the following about it before going there:

1. outdoor seating available (implies good ambiance)
2. chinese and thai (implies safe cuisines)
3. good rating (implies reasonably good food)
4. not cheap (definitely implies good ambiance)

Since the restaurant is in Gurgaon (and I stay in Noida), I had no clue about the reputation of the location of this place, and the above combined factors made it seem like a fancy fine-dine restaurant to me.
What I found out when I actually reached was nothing like I expected.

It was a compact little restaurant with a seating for not more than 20 people, in a busy market full of small casual eating joints. It seemed like a place you would usually come for a takeaway and the so called outdoor seating was the foldable table placed in the passage right outside the door (blocking the way of people passing by). I was petrified at first, since I wore a cocktail dress and 6 inch stilettos which made me feel so out of place. But since I care less about these things, I shifted my focus on all the amazing things that I eventually noticed:

1. My reservation for the outdoor seating was taken so seriously that they decorated the table with flowers and the ceiling was placed with fairy lights.
2. It was nothing like a fine-dine but they assigned us a personal attendant (in such casual places, you just call him bhaiya)
3. The owner (a very pleasant and professional woman) came several times to make sure that we had a good time.

Thanks to all the above factors, I started ignoring the fact that I'm not in a dreamy up-market diner. When I go out, I just need something to strike me and all the personal attention in this one had already gotten me to like the place. But the main element was yet to come. THE FOOD. Golden Fried Jumbo Prawns, Spring Rolls, Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce, Noodles (I ordered a safe course). Just the smell of the food gave me an adrenaline rush (this happens to foodies like me :P). I ate. A burst of flavors in my mouth. The kind of spices that tingle your taste buds, and lasts long enough on your tongue so that you relish this bite before you take in the next one in. There were elements with the right crunch and other elements which melt in your mouth. And to top it, all those elements work so well together to create a savory experience. Take it from a person who has been to the best Chinese chains in town, this small little bombshell instantly became a winner for me. You can make the seafood, chicken and sauces better than the rest, but how in the world did they manage to make their noodles stand out? I was too engrossed in the food to care. Every bite was followed by a sigh of satisfaction. Call me crazy, but even their lemon soda is worth a mention. By the look of the place, the menu initially seemed over-priced, but right after the meal, I was happy to pay (which is rare for a foodie who is also a miser). The hangover of the food was such, that I came back for lunch the following day to try thai, which too was incredible. Bali prawn appetizer was the star of that meal. The aroma of the lemon grass in the restaurant added happiness. So thanks to the internet, I accidently found a gem of a place, which gave me abundant reasons to revisit.
I only get positive feedbacks and praises of the food from whosoever I recommend the restaurant to. Lots of people love the soups and fried rice (which I plan on trying soon).

- This place is just about the mind-blowing food. Don't go here for ambiance or anything else. The service is impeccably fast, friendly and suggestive.
- Atmosphere is very casual (don't be me, wear your pajamas)
- Great for a takeaway/delivery.
- They also have lunch-time offers for a more reasonable meal.

Its a must-go if you stay in Gurgaon (It has 3 outlets, this review is for the one in DLF Phase 4)

You're gona spend: 1K INR for a good meal for two.

PS: I hope they open up soon in Delhi and Noida, till then, its going to be on my list on all my visits to Gurgaon.

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