Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Most of us save buffets for special family dinners and birthday treats.. This is mainly because buffets offer a good variety in a fixed price, the endless quantity is an add on blessing for the super-bhukkads.. Eating 20 plates of seafood and red meat appetizers, a long table of entrees and several standards of desserts in a reasonable amount is otherwise an impossible thought. Thanks to the internet, good options like Barbeque Nation and Pirates Of Grill spread like wildfire and became regular occasion spots..
This diagram perfectly explains the concept of a buffet. However, there's a missing element, which is the reason why many people are eventually shifting back to a la carte.
The flavors.
Without a doubt, there are a few star dishes in every buffet, but you have to go through numerous average ones to pick the one you would want to reorder (and if you don't have an eating capacity like mine, you'd probably be full already). Too much variety spoils the fun of flavors sometimes. Greedy people would try everything and enjoy nothing at the end of it (this is what I did initially)
Also in such places, monotony takes over. Same dishes. Same flavors. So why not pay the same amount and go to a really good place to order something that specifically satisfies you with flavors?

I crave for flavors, but a plate is never enough to fill me. So buffet is the only way for me. Distressed by the pains of a budget buffet (not all of us can afford a five star every weekend), I started exploring my options.. Thats when I came across Indian Grill Room, my saviour. 

Located in an easy to find area in Gurgaon, the first impression of this place was remarkable.. A diverse bar at the entrance, sophisticated interiors, well-trained staff.. a 4/5.
Caught up in the stereotypical buffet scenario, I was initially disappointed by the limited options in the menu here. It seemed too plain, too simple, too average. However, with every dish that I tried, I started looking at the buffet from a different angle. I didn't need my table to be flooded with several dishes. I needed one dish from each category, to win my heart. The portion in each plate they served was small, but it was cooked to perfection. The chicken starter was tender and juicy. The small paranthas on which the golouti kebabs were served was too prepared with great care. The grilled fish was one of the best I ever tasted.. soft, aromatic and delicious. The prawns, however were just okay compared to the rest. I was starting to enjoy the food. Starters were so satisfyingly delightful, that I didn't care about having more options..I just wanted more of those extremely well prepared options.
The best part about the appetizing first course was that there was space for a second one (Usually I'm in the 'I'm so full I can't breathe" situation right after starters). Jumping from one station to another, I discovered some really beautifully cooked curries, salads, flatbreads and Indian desserts. Those were some real kickass curries, one cant deny. Cooked with full dedication, they weren't the so-so ones made in bulk for a buffet. Each curry stood out. It was a five star level, each one. And being a fan of street food, I always believed that roadside vendors are best at making chaat paapdi, but the one I had there was something I had tasted never before. The crunch and flavors took it to a whole new level. Each dish was an experience (a cherishable one) and they made the buffet experience a food journey (not the regular 'stuff yourself' concept). I am not a big fan of Indian desserts, but then thats a personal opinion. The kulfis, shrikands, gulab jaamuns, paani and pista ice creams could be seen being loved on every table in the hall. The whole experience was serene, gentle and a celebration of beautifully cooked food.
This place changed the definition of buffet for me and that one meal is what I will carry forever in my heart.

Cost for two: 1800 INR for the buffet on a weekend (without drinks..you wont need them..the food gives you a buzz)

You should also know:
- A la carte menu is availale
-They have an outdoor seating (I didn't get a chance to try that yet)
-They charge 100 bucks for a bottle of mineral water (so yeah, i got looted on this one)


  1. Great post! As always a delight to read. Thank you

  2. Thank you, really appreciate your comment :)