Monday, 4 August 2014

Foodista at Dimsum Bros on a Wednesday night

I am a BHUKKAD (they call it glutton in english.. i just found out). I love the idea of eating food, I love the fact that there's a possibility to eat endless new kind of dishes, I love exploring food and I love paying for an unlimited meal, which is one reason I always look for buffets. But wait! This one got UNLIMITED ALCOHOL too! I was love-struck after reading about this offer online!. After failing for a couple of wednesdays, due to one reason or another, I finally landed at Ambience Mall (Gurgaon) into this lovely restaurant (everything seems beautiful when you know you're gona make them regret putting this offer on a menu 'coz you're going to raid this place nigga).
There was one thing I wasn't too sure about: How are dim sums going to make up a whole meal for me? (they made more than a blissful meal in the end) My idea of dim sums were the regular momos I had when I went out for a walk (Yes, I like eating even on my about fitness), or the expensive momos in Chinese restaurants that I never bother to order 'coz yeah they were too pricey and a few pieces could never fill me up (the quantity they put in my plate is what appeals to me, my friend). That is one reason I wouldn't try this place without the unlimited offer (Dude I wont pay a grand for Momos? duh!) Okay so my strategy that day was simple: Gulp in about 5 beers, 2 whiskeys and 5 plates of a combination of seafood and chicken dim sums and it won't pinch when you pay.
Sweet! so I got seated, excited (but not very hopeful 'coz schemes like these usually have something hidden that would disappoint) but then I saw the menu card elaborating the scheme: YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!!! Unlimited Blackdog, Vladvir, MojitosMargaritas, Mocktails, Fosters (not a favorite but I was gona adjust), some brand of Gin and another drink which I didn't order (it wasn't too easy to pronounce). Now dude, if they gave me JUST the unlimited alcohol in that price, I would take it, but there was a page long variety of dim sums too.!
So after thanking my stars for bringing me to this heavenly (and reasonable) land of food and beverage, I started giving a tough time to the waiters:  Fish dim sums (flavorful and soft), prawn ones (it was one dish served in continuously at my table.. They were crunchy, perfectly cooked), chicken (which had a couple of delicious variants.. Schezwan ones being the winner for me), pork ones (didn't waste too much space of my stomach on those, since I didn't like the thick sweet coating)..I ordered repeatedly, along with asking for the next drink before I could finish the glass in my hand! There were some amazing veg cheese rolls (something like spring rolls with more cheese than veggies and they literally melted in my mouth). I wanted to order those again but I was really really done! God I was drunk, I was full but my heart wanted more (greedy me). I wish I could eat another meal of the next day in advance! 
Well.. after reading this, one shouldn't care much about the ambience (I mean the atmosphere, not the mall :P) or anything else but just so that you know: the crowd was decent and the place looks great (the lighting is dim). Its neither a fine dine with a lot of privacy nor a casual hangout. Its a perfect mix of both (considering the space and service). Oh yes, the service is rude. Its not very slow or bad but yeah they act like helpless furious peasants being looted (dude! its your offer so don't blame us for bombarding you with orders). Nevertheless the whole experience compensated for everything else. And yeah, if you have a car (and a person sober after the meal to drive it), it is more than safe, the restaurant being in a populated mall.
In short, the experience was a FOOD PARTY. I would also recommend reserving a table since its Wednesday night PEOPLE (Gosh! I missed saying that ever since Domino's stopped their Wednesday one plus one scheme)

Money you're gona spend: 1K per head (if you don't order extra soda/softdrink along with your whiskeys and vodkas.. It was all on the rocks for me ;))

Ideal for corporate parties, a date, an outing with friends or a birthday treat, will fill up everyone to their satisfaction. Adequate variety for vegetarians too.

PS: Later, I got so obsessed with this dish called dim sums that I started reading about them. Momos originate from Nepal and are the usual ones we get in street stalls. They are stuffed with vegetables or chicken. Dim sums make a whole cuisine altogether.. with a variety of fillings, coatings and foldings (sui mai being the ones with the tops can see the stuffing.. and deep fried wontons which look like money bags, there are more than 20 dimsum types listed on wikipedia). Dumpling, basically is anything with a filling inside (it includes momos, dim sums, samosas and even the sweet modaks). So this outing helped me differentiate (I fell in love with dim sums but my pocket-friendly momos have a special place in my heart)


  1. Sounds like an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing! Please write more often!

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