Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Foodista at Rico's (Hudson Lane, North Campus)

What is your idea of a perfect life partner? Good looks (you may deny it, but we all know it counts), Substantial (yes, what's on the inside is the main point), unconditional love for each other (the 'always and forever' kind, as the cool kids say it), understanding on the fact that your pocket-money is limited and you can't spend it all on dates and the X factor (sharing a comfort zone and being experimental at the same time)..
I wrote all this only to explain how Rico's is the perfect life partner of all the foodies in North Campus. Here's why this compact cafe is a personal favorite of (almost) everyone who has been there..

1. Good looks, Good looks and Good looks:

When the plate is served, you feel no less than a Masterchef Judge (who has an eye for presentation) who has to be served the beauty contest winner of the dishes (creativity unleashed). They make your plate a visual treat in the literal sense and you start enjoying it even before it goes into your mouth. Talk about those waffles with generous amounts of whipped cream and designer sauces, the artistically presented hummus on a platter, the burgers with softened cheese or the delectable dessert counter, they ace it all, with precision. (Looks can kill.. in this case, we have some killer picture perfect dishes).

2. Its not just about the looks, sweetheart:

Yes, looks can charm you for a while, but it cant keep you forever. Thats why the so called love eventually fades away. But these people at Rico's make sure that those killer food looks do full justice to your taste buds. They don't serve you truckload quantities in a plate but for every bite you put in your mouth, you release a breath of satisfaction (ah! delectable). Special focus is given on flavors!

3. 'Get me the cheque please' (and the heartbeat about to stop):

The above statement in the bracket is not applicable at the cheque calling time in Rico's. No matter  how fancy looking (or sounding) the dish is, the average price of it would be 150 INR (No, I am not kidding). The costliest dish would be around 300 bucks (which are fish delicacies). Rico's has proven that love (for food) isn't all about money!

4. The Cozy Comforting part (Yeah! It's like my own place):

There is nothing miraculous about the ambiance but the personalized (and extremely classy) touch given to the interiors is what makes it so appealing (every time I see the pillar full of STICKY NOTES in the pictures, I think of what I wrote and it brings back memories). Not to forget the graffiti on the entrance passage and the bookshelves inside. And of course, the consistently quick service assures that you can finish a meal before your next lecture begins (obviously if you've made it to your table, fighting the waiting line of hungry kids spread across two staircases).

5. What more do you have for me? (We all love variety and experimentation, don't we?)

Full marks again to Rico's on this one. The menu card can keep you engrossed longer than the conversation with the person sitting next to you! They've got a little something for all kinds of people. Pastas, Burgers, Salads, Pizzas for people who like to play safe, Steaks, Panini, Quesadillas, Risottos for the fancy food lovers, heavenly shakes and a range of sweet course for the ones with a sweet tooth (not that I am generalizing, I belong to all the categories). Its just that every time you visit this place, the never ending menu has something new to offer.

Yeah, since this makes Rico's the ideal life (at the campus) partner, most students around are loyal lovers. And talk of loyalty, food is most promising in the most obvious manner: The more you love (read as: eat) it, the more it loves you back (read as: stays in the form of fat tyres on your body :P)
Nevertheless, Rico's would always be a personal favorite (and a recommendation to all the non-north-campus people)

PS: I would love to have some comments/suggestions about this post!


  1. Thank you for writing again! I would definitely want to try Rico's with you :D

  2. I'd still rather go and watch a F&F movie with you :P

    1. Rishabh! Haha.. good old tuition days!

  3. nice food ! I like it .I have never eaten this type of roll.It is very testy and delicious.chowringheenorthcampus