Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Foodista at FIO, Garden OF Five Senses

I don't often say WOW when I enter into a restaurant (yeah, I don't judge most things by the looks) but this one forced me to say it (it was a reflex reaction). Its more of a beautiful, breath-taking garden (with a lot of tables full of food) that you pay to visit (and you pay ALOT) and is less of a restaurant.
The most romantic aspect of this place is the location itself, since you land in a hilly terrain in Delhi (not literally, but its not the typical Delhi-like), so you already start feeling that you're in a foreign far-off area, just for a meal.. which makes the whole feeling of going out really special.
I was just so charmed by the idea of being in this place, that I completely forgot about the food (which is very unlike me.. scanning the menu and eating are usually my only purposes of visiting a restaurant). I was seated on a table under the moon (yes, it was night time), with a fine breeze (enhanced by a personal fan for my table) and a huge scented candle (I wish I could put the aroma in words). Lost in the freshness of flora and fauna (and the music which magically matched the surroundings), I was given the menu by an extremely well-groomed waiter (the guy knew his job.. 'make them feel special but don't pile on'). It was a complete fairy-tale (before I looked upon the pricey right-side of the menu card and realized that it would need a real prince to pay for a heavy meal). That is when I used my previous research knowledge of the restaurant to carefully select items that would (a) Fill me up (b) Fit my budget (c) Bring me the best of flavors the place could offer (yeah working on all the factors requires too much mind work.. I realized I had to increase my budget).

I took a beer in my hand and went around to admire the whole restaurant and click pictures (I wouldn't usually do that in a regular fine-dine, non-garden like restaurant). The interiors seemed great too, but I would never choose that over the gardens (obviously, unless its a hot sunny afternoon). Anyway, I reached back to my table to find complimentary bread and a pickle dip waiting for me.. it tasted so well (more so 'coz i wasn't gona pay for it) and was followed by my Borolo Braised Tiger Prawns and saffron risotto, which had an outstanding impact 'coz of the presentation. However, by the look of the plate, I thought the 2 prawns (of my share) would make me want to stop at Mcdonalds (for a takeaway) post dinner, but by the time I was half done with my wood-oven Smoked Chicken pizza (the second and final dish), I was so full that I wasted the last slice (and that pinched). Both the dishes were well cooked and had the perfect Italian flavors. The food was more of an add on to the entire experience. I was done with the food but I wanted to spend more time in there (but usually you're supposed to leave after the meal). I cleared the cheque (which was a big amount) and inhaled the rosy air of the place to bid goodbye to Fio for a long time (I don't intend on spending that much money mainly for ambiance too often).
Before leaving the Garden Of Five Senses, I took a walk  (in the middle of the night). I want to let you guys know that there's a real camel there (for rides) which is tied in the night (I took it for a statue and freaked out when it moved.. I was so shaken, that later, I was scared to pass by elephant statues).
All in all, its an outing I would always cherish.

Money you're going to spend: 4K INR (for a modest meal and a beer each for two people)
It's great for a date or a big day, also for people who don't mind spending a little extra for an exclusive experience.

PS: If you want to go out on a budget outing with your friends and want to stuff yourself with food till you cant breathe (I love that feeling), give this place a miss and save it for a special occasion.

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