Monday, 15 December 2014

Fork You, Hauz Khas Village

The following people are very familiar with Fork you..
1) Foodies and food researchers of Delhi (like me).. or you have friends like those
2) Burger freaks (thats why this place is mainly popular)
3) People visiting Hauz Khas Fort for a photo session (you pass by this restaurant on your way to the fort)

I can read all day about restaurants and I always had an eye on this one.. mainly because the name was catchy and I never really paid more than a 200 bucks for a burger.. So I often wondered how heavenly this burger is really going to be.

This restaurant is located in Hauz Khas Village (HKV).. which is a party village for real. A hippie spot with lanes full of only eating joints (real up-market ones), elite crowd (mainly students and middle-age) and graffitied walls.. You find all sorts of restaurants here..pubs, lounges, casual as well as romantic dine-ins and even rooftop cafes with a lake view.

So here are some key points about Fork you:

Choose what goes into your burger (just like Subway).. You get a flyer where you get to decide everything.. burger size, bun type, patty, sauces, topping and side dish.

Casual and comfortable. Good crowd. Music complements the atmosphere.

They've sure got huge variety. The common, safe dishes were good. Seafood was too average. They serve good portions, so the quantity is a plus.

Thats where I was disappointed. The shakes were too thin and runny, lacked the kick in the flavors. Pass them.

A huge bar stacked up with possibly anything you would wana order.

Quick, but not very suggestive or pleasing.

Value for money: I'd say yes. You cant ask for low prices with that kinda ambience, location, food, quantity and popularity. Mind you, I said value for money, not cheap. Everything is pricey here but it won't hurt when you pay.

Cost for two: about 1500 without alcoholic drinks.

Well, besides that, I'd like to add a genuine suggestion to the owner/staff:

When I order my burger, I choose everything from the bread type to the sauce going in it. People like me are innovative, we would wana combine all the fascinating options (even if we have never tried it before), so we might end up making it a complete disaster.
A particular kind of meat might not go with some particular kind of sauce. Or maybe another starter would taste better with my burger choice. The staff wasn't very suggestive during the 'making the burger' process.

And an innovative suggestion (just coz it popped in my mind and I cant keep it to myself)
Maybe you could have a live counter for the burgers where some people might wana go and choose their patties and breads and sauces by looking at them, instead of guessing of how it might be, at the flyer.


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